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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hi and welcome to the new & improved blog~!  I've been considering "re-branding" (hah - like this is an actual brand or something) myself for awhile and decided if I were going to attempt to keep up with this blog this summer was the perfect time to start anew.  So here you have it; The Kennedy Blog.  I figure it was apropos considering this has evolved more into a family style blog that helps me to recall all the exciting things that take place in our little fam jam.  So, what have we been up to?

For one, we have been daytime dog-sitting for our neighbor's dog, Milly.  Penny has been in her glory having a doggie friend over all day, everyday...  I think we're in big trouble come late July when we start working a little more though; these girls are getting spoiled beyond belief.  Daily walks, snuggles, and playtime will be hard to break away from.  

Nick's parents came down for the weekend to visit.  We indulged in a little top golf, some delicious farmer's market goodies, and a nice homemade surf-n-turf spread that included delicious snow crab legs.  It's always nice to have them visit and I look forward to our next visit (hopefully in July).  I think they might be helping us redo our guest bathroom floors and I think we might try to take a little tube adventure down the local river.  

I finally put a curtain over our sliding glass door in our kitchen... it has been an eyesore for as long as we've lived here (the blinds aren't the best, and Penny is always coming/going in and outside).  I've put it off for so long because a) I don't know how to sew and b) I haven't found the right style just yet.  However, when Nick's mom and I went shopping, we stumbled across a table runner in the same pattern as my kitchen placemats that fit the door PERFECTLY!  I felt so creative and very satisfied when it all came to fruition.  

I read Wonder in the matter of a day.  Quick and easy read with a great feel-good message. If you have a day by the pool on your hands, this book is a good go-to.

And last, but not least (for now) we've been cooking up a storm.  

Calzones, cod, chicken piccata, chicken meatballs, steaks, and cinnamon chip biscotti to name a few.   

Some more cooking and some conferences (for Nick, that is) are on the docket for the rest of the week...  As for me, I have some Netflix (Scandal & OITNB) to catch up on.  Ta-ta :)

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