An American Weekend

Monday, July 06, 2015

I greatly enjoy having my summers off.  I spend days at a time binge watching shows, sitting poolside, and snuggling up with my Penny girl (and any/all other pups we happen to be watching or spending the day with).  I also enjoy the spontaneity that summertime allows us; on a whim we can pick up and go anywhere within driving distance or get together with friends.  This past week we were able to accomplish both.  We first visited my parents (alongside my siblings, grandma, aunt, and cousins) to celebrate my mom's birthday, and ended the week with a mini 4th get-together with friends.  Both were relatively low-key events but very good for the soul :)

For our little 4th soiree, I gave Laura's mixed berry mojitos a try and loved how refreshing they were.  Not only that, so colorfully festive!!  I also decided it would be appropriate to play dress up with the pups, and after some convincing (courtesy of delicious treats), they obliged.  Please note: no dogs were given any questionable substances (i.e. beer) in the shooting of these photos ;)  All in all it was a fun weekend that ended with a memorable US women's world cup victory!  Hope you enjoyed your Independence Day Weekend as much as we did!  xx

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